5 Awesome Features of VLC Media Player

Transcodes Into Many Video Formats

While many people are left aghast when their open source media player refuses to play certain files, VLC remains to be one of the most versatile players out there. Depending on your operating system, the VLC player supports a wide variety of formats.

Frame By Frame Playback

VLC’s Frame By Frame Playback mode allows you to watch your favorite scenes in miniscule detail, making it easy to soak in every nuance, and grab snapshots of all your favorite scenes. With Frame by Frame playback, you’ll never have to spend a huge chunk of time trying to get lucky capturing scenes with the pause button!


Do the speakers on your computer have you leaning in and straining to hear? Got a great pair of speakers for your home entertainment system? The newest version of VLC Player lets you combine the two with AirTunes. With AirTunes, you can transfer your audio files to your home stereo speakers – wirelessly!

Customizable Interface

Do you have too many buttons, icons and choices on your old media player? VLC’s newest release has a customizable interface, so you can choose exactly what functions are important to you, making the player user-friendly and icon-clutter free!

Can Support Blu-Ray and HD-DVD

The latest release of VLC integrated many new formats and codecs and improved existing encoders.  As long as your hardware supports it, you should be able to play HD-DVDs and BluRay media without any pausing or lagging.