Frame-By-Frame Playback

VLC’s newest upgrade includes the ability to watch your media in Frame-by-Frame Playback mode. Is there really a ghost in Three Men and A Baby?

Is there really a hanging munchkin in The Wizard of Oz?

Rather than hitting “pause” and hoping you get lucky, Frame-by-Frame playback allows you to “zone in” on your favorite parts movies in miniscule increments; making it super-easy to take a snapshot or just to marvel at every single nuance of your favorite film.

screenshot in vlc media player

How do you enable Frame-by-Frame playback? Head over to the “view” menu, enable “advanced controls” and you’ll see the “Frame-by-Frame” icon right near the “Record”, “Snapshot” and “Loop” icons. Continually clicking this icon will make your movie play in the “Frame-by-Frame” mode.

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